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We provide Alteration Installation Team (AIT) services and modernization services in support of maritime and shore based clients (US Navy Afloat and Shore Side, Coast Guard, Military Sea Lift Command, Army, and commercial).

Our Solutions

Our services are diverse as we strive to provide end to end solutions to include site visits, maintenance, technical trades, engineering, and technical subject matter expertise. We support integration and new technology insertion of C4ISR (Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance), HM&E (Hull, Mechanical, & Electrical), and CBRND (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Defense) Systems.

Our ability to identify and develop top industry talent allows Prism to provide a level of quality that exceeds our customer’s expectations. With decades of combined experience in maintenance and modernization, Prism has developed proven training curriculums in all associated disciplines including; Program/Project Management, copper and fiber cable installation/termination (including air blown fiber), welding, and electrical/electronic systems installation. Our relentless pursuit of perfection ensures an industry leading quality and safety record.

Work with the Best, Learn from the Best, Become the Best!


Prism Maritime’s comprehensive understanding and experience with modernization processes in support of continuously changing technology allows us to provide economical and quality solutions for our customers. Examples of our directly related modification/installation experience since inception.

Combat & Defense Systems

  • Ship’s Self Defense System (SSDS)
  • Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)
  • NATO SEASPARROW Missile System (NSSMS)
  • AN/UGC-2A Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC)
  • RADARS: AN/SPS-73, AN/SPN-35, AN/SPQ-9B, AN/SPS-48E(V)10
  • MK 15 Mod 31 SEARAM

Information & Detection Systems

  • Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES)
  • Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS)
  • Advanced Digital Network System (ADNS)
  • Carrier Tactical Support System (CV-TSC)
  • Air Defense Systems Integrator (ADSI)
  • Integrated Ships Network System (ISNS)
  • Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS)
  • Joint Biological Agent Identification Diagnostics System (JBAIDS) • Improved Point Detection System (IPDS)
  • Aviation Data Management and Control System (ADMACS)
  • Collective Protective System (CPS)
  • Security Surveillance System (6TV)
  • MORIAH Wind Systems
  • Wireless LAN (VOIP)

Navigation & Ship’s Control Systems

  • Situational Awareness Bridge Display System (SABDS)
  • Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS)
  • Digital Helm/Ship’s Control System (SCS)
  • Voyage Management System (VMS)
  • Ship’s Control Display System (SCDS)
  • Navigation Ship Sensors Interface (NAVSSI)
  • Bridge Master RADAR
  • Long Range line-Up System (LRLS)