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Quality Management

Quality Management System

Prism Maritime’s Quality Management System is certified by ABS-QE (Certificate No. 57491) to be in conformance to ISO 9001-2015. In addition, Prism Quality Management System is in accordance with NAVSEA Standard Item 009-04 and approved by NAVSEA 04. Prism Top Management Personnel is committed to quality and will continue to invest the resources to ensure Prism Maritime meets and exceeds the requirement to maintain both quality certifications.

Quality Assurance

At Prism, Quality Assurance is exercised by every employee at the company because every employee is involved in quality management. Employees are trained in fire-watch training, CVN Awareness, task specific training (i.e. blown fiber, connector building, various welding techniques) and other forms of training needed to perform daily tasking. Every employee is required to demonstrate competence before being permitted to perform tasks.

Through various training programs, our employees receive training on current processes and equipment used to perform these tasks. Top Management at Prism Maritime is committed to providing excellence services to its customers. This commitment to Quality Assurance is reinforced through customer surveys that gage the effectiveness and efficiency of our services and through monitoring and measuring efforts. Top Management takes the results from these efforts and identifies areas where Prism can improve.

Quality Policy

Prism’s Quality Policy Statement

Prism will strive to meet and satisfy all quality requirements of its customers as well as all quality objectives set by top management. Prism commits to continuously improve its QMS as well as to revisit its quality objectives routinely.

Ron Lee, President & CEO