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Tech Services

ISEA Program Support:

Prism currently provides customers from NAVSEA, SPAWAR, and NAVAIR with engineering, technical and programmatic support for the development, distribution and testing of new devices required to upgrade systems for the U.S. Navy. We work side by side with designated government Life Cycle Managers (LCMs) and In-Service Engineering Agents (ISEAs) providing a wide range of services including:

• Program Management

• Technical Support

• Engineering

• Training

• Testing

Engineering, Design and Manufacturing:

Prism has a full service engineering department with the ability to develop drawing and design packages for installation or manufacture. We work with clients to integrate technological improvements for land based and shipboard systems. Some of our capabilities include the following:

Rack Drawing• Preparation of Installation Control Drawings (ICD)

• Preparation of SHIPALT Installation Drawings (SID)

• Manufacture of Racks and Consoles to meet Mil Spec requirements

• Design of prototype equipment

Alignment Services:

Prism Maritime has trained specialists who provide critical alignment services for our maritime customers.

• Critical Foundation Installation And AlignmentMast removal-small

• SSDS Lever Arm Measurements

• Establishment/Verification Of Ships Reference Planes (WCRP & SCP)

• Deck/Platform Removal And Installation To Proper Hull Offsets

• Draft Figures And Hull Markings Verifications

• Alignment Of Critical Hull Fittings

• Pre-Machining

• Sequence Welding Procedures

• King Posts & Booms

• Fueling At Sea Fittings

• Specialized Installations Such As RAST Tracks & Navigation Aids

• Combat Systems Alignment Task