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SEAPORT CONTRACT NO. N00178-07-D-5198 / N00178-14-D-7878

Prism Maritime Customer Satisfaction & Seaport Point of Contact

Letitia M. Nichols, Contracts Manager
Prism Maritime LLC
1416 Kelland Dr. Ste B
Chesapeake, VA 23320
757-460-8800 x508
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Quality Assurance Program

Prism Maritime LLC Quality Management Manual contains all the procedures relevant to the work we perform along with work instructions for how we perform the work. This Manual was written to correspond with the ISO 9001 and is compliant with NAVSEA STD ITEM 009-04.

The Prism Maritime LLC Quality Statement "Service and Product Excellence through Quality Management" with an addendum to include "Focusing Expertise and Experience into a Single Point of Service describes Prism's attitude about business. Prism Maritime feels that by providing the customer with experienced and trained employees, we can deliver the best product that conforms to the requirements requested. Prism provides documented, regular and extensive training to all employees.

The Quality Management Manual at Level I describes the Procedures and provide for our customers a guide to how Prism Maritime LLC performs the work we do. The manual describes each procedure and the supporting documentation to do the work for each area of interest.

Level II of the Prism Maritime LLC Quality Management Manual contains the procedures our employees use. The procedures contain the references used to develop the processes, information on where to find the supporting work instructions, Quality Records and forms used to document work and testing performed.

Level III of the Prism Maritime LLC Quality Management Manual contains the Work Instructions used by employees during work performance. Each work instruction is used by employees and was written to detail the steps used by employees to complete the assigned task. These work instructions also include the supporting quality records and documentation used during the performance of their work.

Level IV of the Prism Maritime LLC Quality Manual would include the Quality Records and Forms used during the performance of work and any other form used by Prism Maritime LLC employees during the performance of a task. They are entered for use in the Quality Management System Database.

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